Robert N. Cottone Jr.

Robert N. Cottone Jr. is a member of the SERV Achievement Centers Board of Directors.

Mr. Cottone is Assistant Vice President at Rue Insurance, where he manages the Medical Malpractice /Healthcare Industry practice and the Nonprofit Social Service clientele.

He has 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, including roles in commercial underwriting with insurance carriers, as an independent consultant, and as an agent with private and public brokers. He holds the Accredited Advisor in Insurance designation and is licensed in multiple states.  

Mr. Cottone has a degree in economics from Bucknell University.  

Outside of work, he has volunteer and coaching experience in a variety of youth sports programs in Mercer County and is active in civic and social service organizations in Hightstown, Trenton, and the Greater Mercer County area. 

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