History of SERV

1974 – SERV Centers of New Jersey is founded by a group of families and mental healthcare providers who care for adult family members with serious and persistent mental illness.

1994 – The SERV Foundation is formed to provide financial support to the organization.

1995 — Clifton Mental Health Services, founded in 1960, merges with SERV Centers of N.J. and becomes Clifton Behavioral Healthcare.

1996 — SERV acquires The Center for Innovative Family Achievements (CIFA), founded in 1987, to further develop the company’s mission to provide training and support to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and youth with behavioral challenges and emotional problems. In 2008, the name was changed to SERV Achievement Centers.

1996 — SERV Centers of New Jersey reorganizes to become SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. and includes:

  • Advanced Health Management, a company offering facilities maintenance and human resources services to other nonprofits
  • CIFA (later renamed to SERV Achievement Centers)
  • SERV Centers of New Jersey
  • The SERV Foundation
  • SERV Properties & Management, which specializes in the planning, development and management of housing for special–needs populations


Boards of Directors
SERV Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. Overview

SBHS Corporate Office-600SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc's Corporate Office in Ewing, NJ

With the strengthening of each individual comes the strengthening of our community as a whole

SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. is a private statewide, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization serving adults and children working to recover from a serious mental illness or cope with a developmental disability.

Remaining focused on personal dignity and quality of care, we utilize a continuum of services that are tailored to meet individual needs. It is our goal to assist our consumers to live and work successfully in their communities.

Housing and supportive services are integrated into a broad-based approach that addresses the most basic needs of each individual (food, shelter, clothing) while allowing them to safely adjust to living in the community and gradually build a more independent life.

The people we assist on a daily basis are your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your children. They are the people in your community. Each day we work to strengthen these individuals in an effort to help them to live successfully in the community, maintain regular work, or further their education while they struggle to cope with a serious disability. We do this because we know that with the strengthening of each individual comes the strengthening of our community as a whole.

SERV Family of Companies at a glance

SERV Foundation

Our Mission

The SERV Foundation raises funds to provide innovative programs for individuals in the SERV Behavioral Health System's Family of Companies who struggle with debilitating mental illnesses or developmental disabilities. By creating partnerships with individuals and organizations, The Foundation develops awareness in the community and provides financial support for exceptional programs benefiting our consumers, their families and the community at large.

Our Location:

20 Scotch Road, 3rd Floor, Ewing, NJ 08628

Phone: (609) 406-0100    Fax: (609) 771-9728


The SERV Foundation has three major commitments:


SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. has been recognized for its leading role in mental health treatment:

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