Volley For SERV champions, finalists

The 25th Annual Volley For SERV had 58 players competing in Men’s, Women’s and Mixed A & B Doubles on June 15 at Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman. Congratulations to the champions and finalists! They are:

WOMEN’S A: Champions Kimberly Vine and Kei Isimishi; Finalists Lisa Brock and Katie Riley

WOMEN’S B: Champions Carol Lipson and Yvonne Boyle; Finalists Mary Beth Mapes and Dawn Snider

MEN’S B: Champions Ted Golfinopoulos and Dave Kramer; Finalists Rich Anderson and Joe Punia

MEN’S A: Champions Ben Branche and Jim Colitsas; Finalists Don Loff and Doug Zelt

MIXED A: Champions Chris Hoeland and Ginny Mason; Finalists Jack Keller and Gwen Guidice

MIXED B: Champions Barry Szaferman and Yvonne Boyle; Finalists Rachel Donington and Don Loff