Champions, Finalists of the 29th Volley For SERV

Congratulations to the Champions and Finalists of the 29th Annual Volley For SERV Tennis Tournament, held June 12 at Cherry Valley Country Club.

They are:

Womens A: Champs Gwen Guidice & Louise Gengler Thomas and finalists Kei imanishi and Jame Hynes.

Womens B: Champs Donna Nagel & Melissa Jones and finalists Carol MacLennan & Terri James

Mens A: Champs Ben Branche & Dave Russo and finalists Matt Pierson & Matt Geiger

Mens B: Champs Chester Lau & Mike Chow and Finalists Ted Golfinopoulos & Dave Kramer.

Mens C: Champs Eric Goldman & Kevin Mehta and finalists Andre Haupt & Andrew Michinard

Mixed A: Champs Dan Khoo & Ashley Friedman and finalists Christine Grant & Alan Meinster

Mixed B: Champs Barry Szaferman & Sena Hill and finalists Donna & Mark Nagel

Mixed C: Champs Christina & Marty Semmelhack and finalists Patience Nyamadzawo & James Koepple