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GoodSearch and GoodShop Campaign

Help raise money for The SERV Foundation

Instructions for GoodSearch:

Search the Internet just like you normally would. is powered by Yahoo!, so you’ll get high- quality search results. When you select “SERV Foundation” as your charity, SERV gets 1 penny for every search. (Please note: image, video and site- specific searches such as .com, .net, .edu, are not included).

You can download the GoodSearch Toolbar to your home page, to remind you to “search for a good cause.” The GoodSearch Toolbar does not contain any spyware or adware and does not collect any personally identifiable information. Visitors specify a beneficiary before they search, and the site designates an anonymous donation for that search.

How much money can this generate for SERV Foundation per year?

100 supporters, 2 searches per day   = $730

1,000 supporters, 2 searches a day   = $7,300

10,000 supporters, 2 searches a day = $73,000

How can I track the number of searches and revenue generated for SERV? After you have entered SERV Foundation in the “Who do you GoodSearch for?” box on the GoodSearch homepage, just click on the “Amount Raised” button.

GoodShop instructions:

Simply go to and click on the GoodShop link or go directly to In the “Who Do You GoodSearch for?” box, choose “SERV Foundation.” Next, click on one of the 600+ partner retailers and start shopping (Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay, Staples, Office Max, Expedia, etc.) A percentage of your purchase (average 3%) will go to SERV Foundation. (There may be a delay between the time you make a purchase and when it shows up on the “Amount Raised” page; some retailers take up to 8 weeks to report their sales.)

How much money can this generate for SERV Foundation?

100 supporters, $500 purchased per year at 3% donated = $1,500

1,000 supporters, $500 purchased per year at 3% donated = $15,000

10,000 supporters, $500 purchased per year at 3% donated = $150,000

Is shopping through GoodShop secure? Yes! GoodSearch does not collect any credit card or personal information such as your name or address. The entire transaction is done directly through the merchants, just as if you had gone to their website or store directly.

Am I paying more to shop through GoodShop? No! This is no different than buying directly from the retailer’s website. You receive the same prices and level of service. The retailers are responsible for collecting payment, shipping and returns.

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