SERV adds properties

SERV Properties and Management Inc. recently added three apartment buildings and three group homes to its list of properties.

All three apartment buildings are located in Hudson County. Of the 38 total apartments, 16 of these units will be Supportive Housing Units that will ensure that our consumers have affordable, decent and permanent housing. In addition to rental support, consumers will have individualized support services as well as access to a flexible and responsive system of community supports to help them maintain their independence. These services will be provided by SERV Centers of New Jersey Hudson County.

SERV’s comprehensive residential treatment model is designed for long-term community maintenance rather than transitional movement from one facility to another. Our ownership of these units greatly assists in making that possible while offering all of the necessary support services.

SERV Achievement Centers, a member of SERV Behavioral Health System, also opened three more group homes: two in Mercer County and one in Ocean County. All of the homes are for children and adults diagnosed with autism.

In these Traditional Group Homes, well-trained staff members provide consistent and ongoing support to the consumers by teaching appropriate social and behavioral skills. The homes also provide the consumer with a well-structured living environment in the least restrictive setting.