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Congratulations to Scholarship Fund Cash Raffle winners!

On November 18, there were three winners in the SERV Foundation Scholarship Fund Cash Raffle drawing.  The winners received 25%, 15% and 10% of the total raised, which was $11,040.

They were:

    1st prize – Amelia Edmunds, of East Orange, NJ, $2,760 (25%)

    2nd prize – Jaye Kerkulah, of Trenton, NJ, $1,656 (15%)

    3rd prize – Lynn Jeros, of Robbinsville, NJ, $1,104 (10%)

Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser, which benefits SERV consumers wishing to pursue their educational goals.  

The SERV Foundation

SERV employee, a part-time rescue diver, saves drowning boy

Paul DeSalvo, a Facility Manager for SERV, recently saved the life of a drowning 10-year-old boy over Labor Day weekend.  DeSalvo is a certified EMT and a 2-plus-year member of a Dive Team that patrols Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.  Read full story

Janssen Supports Scholarship Fund & Recovery Conference

The SERV Foundation, the fundraising arm of SERV Behavioral Health System, recently received two grants totaling $12,500 from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., headquartered in Titusville, N.J.

Janssen contributed $7,500 toward the Scholarship Fund, which provides tuition and other expenses for SERV consumers who would like to return to school, but have little means to do so.

Janssen also contributed $5,000 toward the SERV Recovery NJ Conference, a health-and-wellness event for SERV consumers and their family members. This year's 11th annual event takes place October 12 at The Pines Manor in Edison.

"We, at Janssen, are proud to be associated with The SERV Foundation, Inc., and wish you continued success in all of your endeavors," wrote Patricia Watts Mitchell, Janssen's Contributions Analyst in the announcement letter.

SERV's property purchase in local news article

SERV has purchased property in Springfield, N.J., with plans to build a home for 4 adults with developmental disabilities.  Click here to read the news article in the Burlington County Times.