Clifton Community Behavioral Health Center

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Change integrated to coordinated

The path to recovery is not the same for everyone. SERV Centers of New Jersey’s Clifton Community Behavioral Health Center provides coordinated care for youth and adults in Passaic County, NJ, and surrounding areas with behavioral health and physical health needs. Our highly-trained staff is here to support you on your path to healing and recovery. We work in partnership with each individual, helping them develop and reach their recovery goals, build resilience for tomorrow's challenges, and enhance their quality of life.

Clinical Excellence

SERV's team of compassionate professionals includes specially trained SERV employees and contractors who can help assist individuals at any stage in their recovery. Language and cultural barriers make it hard for some people to seek care. That is why we are proud to have a diverse clinical team that can offer bilingual care. We also offer translation services in many different languages. Each individual receives support from well-trained staff who can assist them at any stage in their recovery. Our team of caring professionals includes:

  • A Licensed Medical Director
  • Board-Certified Psychiatrists, 
  • APNs, 
  • Master’s-Level and State-Licensed Clinicians, 
  • Peer Support Workers, and 

What is Coordinated Care?

Coordinated care takes into the health of the whole person. We coordinate an individual’s behavioral health and physical health needs and collaborate with the individual and their loved ones to support their recovery.

Our services are designed to:

  • Support the recovery, health, and well-being of individuals & families
  • Enhance the quality of life of the individual
  • Reduce symptoms or needs and build resilience
  • Restore and/or improve functioning
  • Support the integration of the individual into the community

Our Services

Mental Health Services Include:

  • Psychiatry services for individuals 16 and older
  • Group therapy for adults
  • ADAPT partial care day program for adults with a severe mental health diagnosis

Substance Use needs Services Include:

  • Outpatient and early intervention treatment for substance use needs