East Windsor Group Home celebrates consumer's birthday in quarantine

birthday cake with sparklers

Throwing someone a memorable birthday party is never an easy task. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and it’s almost impossible.

However, the SERV family accomplished this feat recently, when they hosted a party for Desiree—a consumer in the East Windsor Group Home. 

All month, Desiree had expressed concerns about her birthday, worried the pandemic would spoil her special day. So, you can imagine her surprise on Wednesday, as she wandered through a house decorated with balloons to find some of her closest friends gathered around an ice cream cake, ready to sing to her.

“In times of crisis, we see how important it is to support our consumers and one another,” said Residential Coordinator Danielle Spinella. “Birthdays are special milestones, and even though we are on lockdown, we wanted to have a memorable celebration for Desiree.” 

“Small moments of joy, like blowing out birthday candles in the company of close friends, are not only important, but they are also crucial to holding on to any sense of normalcy right now. After more than a month of quarantine, we are all feeling a touch on edge, and Desiree’s party certainly helped to lighten the mood at the home,” she added. 

Spinella has worked alongside Sabrina Delgado, SERV’s Coordinator of Behavior Support Services, at the East Windsor Group Home since Governor Murphy issued his stay-at-home order in March. When asked to comment on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, both commended the actions and dedication of fellow staff members Yasmeane Richardson, Shabree Young, Joseph Kayfoain, Prince Sabatto, David Karpilee, and Winston WIlliams. 

“I can’t say enough about the SERV staff. They’ve all worked so hard to maintain a positive environment and provide the best care to consumers throughout this crisis. They truly are heroes,” Delgado said.

From organizing video chats to planning birthday parties, the staff at East Windsor has no doubt gone above and beyond to keep consumers occupied during this pandemic. 

Though they hope to return to some version of their normal schedule soon, the staff is prepared to face another month of quarantine and social distancing. 

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