Show your support for SERV on #GIVINGTUESDAY

There’s no getting around it: these are difficult times, and as a nation, we must come together in solidarity to support those in need. 

To that end, we ask that you join us today, May 5, in observing #GivingTuesdayNow—a day of global action for giving and unity in response to COVID-19.  

Like many not-for-profit organizations, SERV is suffering from the dramatic impact of the pandemic. With the cancellation of fundraising events and an increase in demand for critical services and personal protective equipment (PPE), we need your help now more than ever.

Despite the many challenges we face as a result of this crisis, the work of SERV must continue. Although our day programs have been suspended, our residential facilities are in full operation, and we are extremely proud of the bravery and dedication our staff has shown thus far. 

At this time of distress, distancing, and uncertainty, the well-being of the consumers remains our top priority. This pandemic is stressful and has caused depression, fear, and anxiety for our consumers suffering from mental illnesses and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities. 

The individuals in SERV’s care have been confined to SERV residences since March 17, under the guidance of specially trained staff members who work with them to meet their individual recovery goals. We are focusing all of our resources on our mission-driven work of providing the highest quality of compassionate care to our residential consumers, and we are in need of funds to purchase games and supplies for creative activities. We are also in need of funds for additional PPE for consumers and staff. 

We hope that you will consider a donation to SERV by clicking here. Your donation will help us to sustain our vital programming during these challenging times.

Your $250 donation can help provide PPE for both staff and consumers.

Your $100 donation can help provide a weekly supply of food for consumers. 

Your $50 donation can provide an infrared thermometer to a residential home.

Your $25 donation can provide puzzles, board games, and crafts to a residential home.

All of us need to remember that we will get through this. In the meantime, we wish you and your loved ones good health and safety. 

On behalf of the consumers—the true beneficiaries of your support—you have our heartfelt thanks.

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