Consumers and staff thank PPE donors in Middlesex County

Consumers and staff in Middlesex County recently worked together to create an oversized thank-you card for Health Fair Natural Food Market in Little Silver, New Jersey.

In late-May, Health Fair Natural Food Market made a large donation of face masks to SERV. The owner of the food market sewed the masks herself, according to Dana Williams, Director of SERV Centers in Middlesex County.

“This card is to show our appreciation,” Williams said. “Even though she is busy with running her store, the owner of Health Fair took the time to make us some high-quality face masks. It was an extremely kind gesture.”

In addition to Health Fair Natural Food Market, SERV Centers in Middlesex County have received PPE donations from a local nurse and Masketeers—a volunteer group that has donated thousands of masks to healthcare organizations in New Jersey over the past few months. Staff members have mailed thank-you letters to these kind individuals, as well.

When asked about the how the pandemic has affected the moods of consumers, Williams said, “they’ve really been toughing it out…Of course, there has been restlessness from time to time, but for the most part, they have dealt with it well, and I’ve been impressed by their resiliency.”

Daily groups, arts and crafts, reading, playing chess, gardening, and exercising are some of the ways that consumers in Middlesex County have kept busy, according to Williams.

She added that they have several exciting events planned for this month, including a healthy cooking demonstration at the Jamesburg Group Home. “We’ll be teaching them how to make summer salads and smoothies while educating them on all the health benefits of the ingredients,” she said.

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